Contest Scam Artists

Twice in the last week–must have been the full moon–contest scam artists have contacted clients’ customer service departments indicating that they had won a current contest. In one case, the draw hadn’t even taken place yet!

Both scam artists made feeble attempts at claiming pretty big prizes. Sorry, kids, no soup for you!


One Response to Contest Scam Artists

  1. Jack Payne says:

    Yes, the contest scams are still flourishing. Always primarily targeted at the elderly. For some reason this makes up the prime market. I write about every kind of scam known, but this one stands out as particularly cruel. I’ll never forget the case of the 90-year old woman who went through $180,000 in 3 years entering every contest she could find. She slept in her living room recliner because her bed was piled too high with contest mail order material to sleep in. Disturbing.

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