A Great Concept…Poorly Executed


Krown Rust Control reached me today by their latest television commercial. I won’t comment on the commercial because that’s not my area of expertise.

Krown’s giving away a car with some help from Mazda and, here’s the rub, Stanley: contest entrants vote on the selection of the grand prize, that being one of six Mazda vehicles. Great idea!

The contest site looks great and has a clean and simple interface. Yet, when I tried to enter the contest, it was obvious the web developers didn’t test the site across a range of hardware and browser configurations. I couldn’t participate using the most popular Mac browser and had to try two other browsers before being able to enter.

To fully understand the contest, I looked at the rules and, althought a law firm either wrote or reviewed the copy, they’re difficult to follow. In my opinion, the rules are missing some information that is actually required by law, including something as basic as the value of the grand prize.

I’m looking forward to receiving information from Krown, since their entry form automatically checks the two opt-ins for you. In fact, the checkboxes are vague in the way they indicate being checked. I wonder whether that’s deliberate or an oversight. Either way, it’s contrary to best practice; consumers should be the ones opting in.

Finally, why wouldn’t Krown collect consumer information other than just email addresses? Perhaps vehicle ownership information would be useful for subsequent analysis, given that they’re in the business of servicing vehicles.


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