Never Promote A Contest Without Official Rules

According to Marketing Magazine, The Brainstorm Group of Toronto recently developed a ‘missing blimp’ promotion for their client, Popeye’s Chicken. With the right mix of media and public relations this could be a successful promotion.

Although there is no mention of the word ‘contest’, this promotion does provide for delivery of a prize to a consumer and, as such, would be construed as a contest. At the Popeye’s site,, there are some ‘regulations’ concerning the promotion–a total of 43 words. However, forty-three words do not meet the federal requirements for contest disclosure to consumers.

What’s the downside here? This situation could easily turn into a PR nightmare. I can see a professional contest player taking advantage of the lack of rules and regulations and unfairly claiming the prize.

If I were the client, I’d be concerned. Very concerned.


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