Slick Survey, But Who Needs Contest Rules…

…if you’re Motorola.

We came across a survey contest at Motorola’s site, offering a chance to win a pair of their RAZRWIRES for completing their survey.

The survey itself is clever and seems to be concerned with mobile phone user manuals’ availability online. It’s a great idea–don’t waste the paper when you package the phone, just make the manual available online.

I completed the survey and, of course, was interested to see how the contest was governed so I clicked on the rules link and—oops–it’s a dead link.


One Response to Slick Survey, But Who Needs Contest Rules…

  1. This is the type of error I come across everyday and it drives me NUTS!!

    What most of companies don’t realize is that there are many websites where 1000s of people discuss promotions and if a company trips up, an entire promotional marketing budget can be flushed faster than a mouse click. The biggest mistakes also seem to come from the biggest companies where there should be enough staff and budget to avoid errors.

    I could rhyme off an arms length list of errors ranging from entry forms that don’t work, UPC codes not accepted, incorrect prizes sent, etc…

    Then when a contestor contacts them to correct the error they are brushed off because they feel that “those people” want something for nothing and are ignored. Contestors are a company’s best friend because they are the only ones that will bother to tell them there is a problem. Joe Average consumer will just walk away.

    The whole point of running a contest is to create fun and excitement around a brand or service. Many companies just end up angering or frustrating their customers. I have changed my buying habits to participate in a contest. I have also changed my buying habits when a company really screws up.

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