Fun And Publicity With The Mentos Geyser Contest

Back in May, Billy Mains, my teammate and CLK driver extraordinaire on this year’s Cannonball Run picked up a lad’s mag somewhere on our 6,000-kilometre journey. In it, there was an article about dropping a few Mentos into a 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke. The chemical reaction results in huge ‘geyser’. While we were up to other kinds of hooliganism on the Cannonball Run, we didn’t get a chance to pull this one off.

Fast forward a few months later, the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment has become a bit of a pop culture phenomenon. The smart folks at Mentos are taking advantage of the buzz and promoting their their Mentos Geyser Video Contest. The contest is based around people submitting videos of their own Mentos geysers through their special You Tube page.

Human nature being what it is, you should be frightened to imagine what some kids actually do. Naturally, there is one “banned” video going around the blogs. Here’s just one link to the video.

If Mentos subscribes to the “any press is good press” philosophy, then it’s all just positive ROI for them.


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