Musings On Contest Ballots And Entry Forms

Obviously, you have to collect contest entry information and often times we get asked about what type of information should be collected. How should you approach ballot and on-line entry form data collection? Here are a couple of considerations:

1. Make it simple.

What type of information do you need to action following the contest? If you’re not ever going to use mailing address data, don’t bother collecting it. Keep the ballot or entry form as short and as simple as possible. You’ll make your contest participants happy!

2. Permissions.

We all know that best practice requires that we obtain permission from our customers and prospects before we can communicate with them, so ensure that you have an opt-in for your company or brand. Perhaps your contest partners, like prize suppliers or media partners, would like to engage your contest entrants as well, so be sure to make an opt-in available for them. It’s a great value add for their involvement in your contest.

There are more serious considerations for both ballots and on-line entry forms, but those are topics unto themselves. Watch for those in the future.


2 Responses to Musings On Contest Ballots And Entry Forms

  1. I agree. The KISS method is best. Companies should only ever ask for an age range and not a specific birth date. Many people are very scared of identity theft and are really weary of giving out any more information than they have to.


    You’ ……

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