Another Automated Contest Entry Service is not an application, but a web-based service that “guarantees”:

– thousands of contest entries per month
– user-selected contests
– a contest-specific email address

These are all the things the casual contest enthusiast needs!

While their site does not provide any testimonials nor explicity state that their members have won prizes, the site implies that their members won 96 cars last month and a total of 873 last year, among other prizes. (I suspect that these numbers don’t ever change on the site–we’ll let you know.)

From our perspective, this is not the kind of thing we want interfacing with our clients’ contest entry pages and, since I’m skeptical about it, we’ll be testing their service and publish our findings.


2 Responses to Another Automated Contest Entry Service

  1. Dave G. says:

    Well, this “service” does not even provide the contest sponsors with any any exposure to the participants at all. I personally don’t mind the contestcanada hobbiest contest enterer type participants – at least

    All contest rules and regulations should be reviewed carefully to ensure that something to the effect of (is included) “Entries must be personally completed by the entrant; use of any automated OR PROXY means of entry or other technical means to circumvent or tamper with the entry process or systems – constitutes a violation of the rules and regulations and is grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the agency conducting the contest.”

    Things everyone should be doing/tracking:

    1. Turing tests (anyone have experience with ‘bots’ that can recognize them?)
    2. Time of entry (looking for multiples in very short time time period)
    3. E-mail based confirmations / or sign-ups.
    4. IP recording

    If you are not already tracking the IP address of contest entrants ( for security reasons only) you should be. I would suggest that the originating IP address(es) of this “service” should become readily apparent or shared amongst colleagues to facilitate wholesale blocking of entries from that point of origin.

    I greatly appreciate Brian’s efforts in encouraging industry dialogue on these issues.

  2. I tell people to steer clear of companies and services like I promote the hobby and fun of contesting and I encourage everyone to visit the sponsor’s website. I think the few moments spend dreaming about the winning the prize is lost when a service is used. Plus, I believe many would be automatically disqualified using their service.

    I think tracking the IP address should be used in conjunction with other tracking methods before someone is disqualified because if I am not lucky enough to own a computer I may be at the local library or I use my office computer so all entries from those locations will show the same IP address.

    All of these issues outlined by Brian can be easily remedied by using either verification codes for every entry or creating the entry form in Flash.

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