Purchase / No Purchase Contest Entries

Contest promotions are a great way to stimulate sales. While we’ve designed contests specifically to drive sales for a range of industries, products and mediums, there is one common requirement among all contests. That is your contest must have a no purchase method of entry.

When dealing with a purchase that is tied to contest entries, you must carefully design your contest so that:

with purchase entries do not increase an entrant’s chances of winning

– for both with purchase and no purchase methods of entry, all entries are treated exactly the same within the context of the contest draw

– entrants have similar access to both modes of entry

A common “requirement” for no purchase contest entry is to ask the entrant to write an original essay. Without question, most marketers would like no purchase entrants to expend the same amount of effort to participate in the contest as with purchase entrants.

While we don’t disagree with no purchase barriers, it’s our opinion that we don’t make those barriers too high, such as the old “500-word essay” trick. Keep the no purchase method of entry simple, but also be creative in the way you ask for no purchase entries. Why not take the opportunity to engage no purchase entrants with your product or brand?


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