Contests We Like –

The Sharp Championship Golf Giveaway

We’ve been meaning to blog about this one. I suppose we haven’t because it works so well. The microsite works perfectly, the entry process and prize selection are ideal for the demographic.

The contest brings together golf and Sharp’s Aquos LCD TV. There are different opportunities to gain entries–there is the standard entry, but Sharp also sends weekly email trivia questions for extra entries.

Sharp’s cleverly tied the Callaway Golf brand and the images of Callaway’s pros to the promotion. In addition, most of the prizes feature both Sharp and Callaway products.


13 Responses to Contests We Like –

  1. george says:

    need new clubs

  2. david broda says:

    great stuff

  3. david broda says:

    man I’d like to win

  4. Jery Wons says:

    Boy do I need a new set of clubs

  5. Claudio Fatica says:

    My clubs are very old & tierd

  6. David Cole says:

    I could use new clubs it would be nice

  7. Martin Gabriel says:

    Both my kids are into golf. and to make matters even harder to get clubs for them is tha fact they are both south paws. my daughter would like to work towards making the school team,and my son is 8 and can already wack the ball pretty good.

  8. robert saumier says:

    i’m in need of new golf clubs, my clubs are from the stone age

  9. I’m in need of new clubs are from the stone age.

  10. I’m in need of new golf clubs are from the stone age.

  11. Jimmy Delano says:

    I love the Callaway feel. I have a set of Big Bertha woods and love them. An upgrade would enhance my play.

  12. Brammell says:

    I had a tough time trying to find the a plasma hdtv but I finally found it and bought it online from

  13. buy hybrid says:

    The members who command the best service at your golf club either have the lowest handicaps or the highest bar bills

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