Contests We Like – Toronto Star Why Ask Why

Initially, I didn’t get the Toronto Star‘s new contest, Why Ask Why, because I hadn’t investigated it. But now I’m surprised at how smooth this contest really is. They make it exceptionally easy for consumers to enter and they don’t ask participants to read the paper itself. They lead readers to the on-line content directly from the straightforward contest site.

Toronto Star Why Ask Why

Overall, the contest site was exceptionally well-designed, making it easy for any consumer to understand and participate. The entry process provides for permission for daily email reminders (I was already on their daily contest email list), as well as for saving entrants’ information for subsequent daily entries. It’s as if they followed the Contest Best Practice Handbook.

For all of the love I have for this contest, I have one complaint. The site just doesn’t work for the OSX Safari or Camino browsers. I had to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox before I could actually participate.

I also have a confession to make. The Toronto Star won me over with their RSS feeds. Yeah, the contest worked just like it was supposed to. Good work, Toronto Star.


2 Responses to Contests We Like – Toronto Star Why Ask Why

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  2. Excellent! I’ve shared this already!

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