Contests We’re Not Fond Of – Vonage

I have to confess. We love technology at Upshift and VoIP is a very promising one, however, Vonage’s Back To School Event Contest is a bit drab.

Vonage Back To School

While Vonage is using one of the standard “best” prizes for this contest, they could use some help. A $5,000 prize budget could have been used for many more interesting prizes. Cash might be of interest to some consumers, but the proof’s really in the pudding. I would be interested to hear what Vonage’s opt-in rate is once the contest is over.

I’m also wondering, what the heck is the “Vonage Thanks A Million Sweepstakes”? I thought this was called the “Vonage Back To School Event”.


To the folks at Vonage Canada, one recommendation–always include a statement about odds in your contest rules. If your lawyers or contest management firm overlooked this, I’d be concerned.

(By the way, Vonage, what’s with your high-pressure sales tactics?)


One Response to Contests We’re Not Fond Of – Vonage

  1. not sure if the 14-22 year olds would use vonage.

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