Contests We Like – Canadian Club C To C

CC was my grandfather’s drink. CC is my drink. We’re Canadian, so it’s natural that we love a contest that has anything to do with Canadian Club.

I had a meeting at the Manulife Centre in downtown Toronto the other day and was looking for an excuse spend some money to see that at least I got my parking validated. The Manulife Centre has the best parking garage in Toronto, in my opinion. It’s always the right temperature, classical music plays throughout the garage and they have a fantastic window washing station, along with complimentary windshield washer refills.

Anyway, I dropped by the liquor store to pick up something that was going to be consumed regardless and they had their whiskey promotion feature in store. I couldn’t miss the bottle of Canadian Club with the contest and freebie 50 ml on the neck.



The Canadian Club C To C Contest offers two grand prize winners a choice of three adventure trips. How perfect is that theme?

This contest is a straightforward fixed-odds structure, using a peel-and-reveal card. Odds are clearly stated in the (brief) contest rules. We haven’t seen one of these used for a brand promotion in quite a long time and it was cool to see the ol’ peel-and-reveal in action.


Sadly, we didn’t win a prize, but we still like the contest, since it’s all about Canadian Club.

[Pssst! Maxxium! Next time I’d like to see a little more creativity, OK? Great! Thanks.]


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