Contests We’re Not Fond Of – Vachon

Instant win contests can be used in a lot of fun and interesting ways. Generally, we see them in retail and this fall we seem to be working on more than a few.

While this contest is not one we’re working on, it’s worthwhile to review here in this blog. The Vachon Sweet Taste Of Retirement contest uses instant win for their standard prizes, but also prize indemnity for their match-and-win grand prize, $50,000 a year for life (or a $900,000 lump sum). The contest scratch cards appear in a number of Vachon products, like this Jos. Louis box.



The design of the box sticker and ballot are OK, but the sticker is perhaps a bit difficult to see at retail. Perhaps contest-specific packaging might make sense.


On our contest card, we received the “V”, but otherwise didn’t win an instant win prize.

Why are we not fond of this one? The most significant shortcoming is the lack of an odds statement within the contest rules, since this is a legal requirement for Canadian contests. Vachon certainly knows the odds for the instant win prizes and, despite what their ‘statistician’ may say, the odds for the match-and-win grand prize are calculable. At minimum, this is misleading to consumers and not a course of action we recommend to clients.


One Response to Contests We’re Not Fond Of – Vachon

  1. Rob says:

    I have sent them 14 letters and received 13 of their “facsimile” game cards. The two letters that are NOT available are are the H and the N. It is not really clear that if you happen to spell VACHON that you actually win. Anyhow, this is a multi-tiered contest. Level one is buing a $3 package of their cakes and getting the letter “o” in every one. Level 2 is submitting the hand drawn facsimile of their logo, and getting 13 letter “o”s in th the main. (Sorry I lie, I got 7 “o”‘s and the rest were “v” and “A”.

    Anyhow, I won’t win but….

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