The Web + Contest Enthusiasts

I was having a look at what’s going on with contests on the web this morning and it became apparent that the contest enthusiasts have found all of the on-line contests we’re managing at the moment.

For example, several sites link to every new contest at The Beer Store on the day they launch. On one level, I just can’t fathom who is sitting by their computer waiting for the contest to launch. On the other hand, we’re interested to learn more about who these folks really are.

Stay tuned for our take on the enthusiasts.


3 Responses to The Web + Contest Enthusiasts

  1. Chris says:

    I have an idea. Let’s drop a persistent cookie from all your contests and we can cross reference returning visitors from referring urls and start to find out what that unique segment does on your contests. (Do they enter 100 times with different emails, do they just like looking around, how long to they spend on each contest, are they just aggregating contest info to report else where?) Sounds like fun. Let me know if you would like to do this research project.


  2. Brian Makse says:

    Chris, thanks for your thoughts. We’re very interested in such a project.

  3. Contest enthusiasts do sit around waiting for a promotion to start. They also do not cheat. The true contestor detests cheaters.Contest enthusiasts do sit around waiting for a promotion to start. They will enter following the rules, refer all their friends and even post the URL on contest forums and websites. They also do not cheat. A true contestor detests the cheaters. It makes them look bad and potentially discourages companies from running future promotions or offering such nice prizes. I encourage you to do such research to learn more about the habits of the true hobbyists vs. the rotten apples.

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