Contest Opt-In Rates

One of our readers is searching for contest opt-in rates, according to our blog stats.

Indeed, we know what these opt-in rates are across different on- and off-line contests. At this point, we haven’t sufficiently aggregated or analyzed data to fully commit to the numbers we have rolling around in our heads.

So before we actually declare these metrics to be true, we’re going to do a little research first. Stay tuned.

P.S. To our reader who is looking for these numbers, please call or write.


3 Responses to Contest Opt-In Rates

  1. Opt-in rates are higher if the entrant has incentive to opt-in. eg. 5 extra ballots for opting-in. Also ensure for those that opt-in, they get notification in the newsletter fo upcoming promotions to encourage people to not only sign-up but also read each e-publication.

  2. Brian Makse says:

    Carolyn, I’d be interested in having a discussion with you about this. Do you have any metrics on this? We’re actively looking into this.

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