I think you already know that we love

Thursday, Yahoo bought for an undisclosed sum. (Ironically, Thursday I was reminiscing about the great time we had at a fantastic Yahoo party the night before.)

According to the New York Times article linked above, “Yahoo said it planned to keep as a stand-alone site and also to integrate it with some of its other social media properties, which include Yahoo Groups, the social network Yahoo 360 and the photo-sharing site Flickr.”

To me, that sounds like everybody wins–and, most importantly, users are getting the best of social media, particularly with Flickr.

Cheers, Mike!


One Response to News

  1. Mike Speiser says:

    Thanks Brian. We are we excited about this because the Y! executives are totally aligned on:

    + Bringing Bix to the Y! network
    + Bringing the Y! audience to the Bix community
    + Leveraging the Y! sales organization to make contests a big part of the marketing sales pitch

    I know you guys will love that last one ;–)

    Take care and thanks for the support.

    CEO, Bix

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