What Do You Think?

November 16, 2006

We’ve avoided publishing links in this blog to the contests we manage so that they aren’t tainted by the contest enthusiasts, whether that’s good or bad.

What do you think? Should we link or shouldn’t we?

Comment here or feel free to contact us.


Attention Marketers – Free UPCs At UPCMachine.com

November 13, 2006

Well, friends, I thought you would appreciate learning about the on-line repository of UPCs that contests enthusiasts are using.

It’s called UPC Machine and contains both US and Canadian UPCs. It’s actually a pretty slick set up for users. You can choose to either search for UPCs that you might need, say, for surreptitiously obtaining UPCs for, say, on-line contests perhaps. Users can also input as many UPCs as they like.

Interesting stuff.