Just As We We’re Getting Comfortable…

December 5, 2006

…we’re moving.

Yes, indeed, this blog has moved to its permanent home at entertowin.upshiftgroup.com.



Bix.com News

November 18, 2006

I think you already know that we love Bix.com.

Thursday, Yahoo bought Bix.com for an undisclosed sum. (Ironically, Thursday I was reminiscing about the great time we had at a fantastic Yahoo party the night before.)

According to the New York Times article linked above, “Yahoo said it planned to keep Bix.com as a stand-alone site and also to integrate it with some of its other social media properties, which include Yahoo Groups, the social network Yahoo 360 and the photo-sharing site Flickr.”

To me, that sounds like everybody wins–and, most importantly, users are getting the best of social media, particularly with Flickr.

Cheers, Mike!