Contests We’re Not Fond Of – GAP Adventures is currently promoting a contest for G.A.P Adventures, the “Win an adventure to Africa!” contest.

The entry form mentions the prize “… win a 9 day Masai Mara Experience in Kenya!…” Sounds exciting but after reading the official rules and regulations, the prize description is not at all appealing. What the winner actually receives is “…one G.A.P Adventures tour – Masai Mara Experience (DCM). Retail Value of prize package $870. The prize does not include airfare…This prize must be accepted as rewarded, it is non-transferable and has no cash value.”

I have a few issues with this description. What does the actual prize include? Hotel? Ground transportation? Can the winner take any travel partners with him/her? A winner really shouldn’t have to pay for airfare to another continent for a prize like this. You may find other contests that do not include transportation as a part of the prize but typically they offer prizes that are local, within province or within driving distance. It is good practice to include airfare when the winner must travel outside there country or continent. For a company that boasts $100 million in revenues, the least they could do if they are set against airfare or transportation, is to offer cash equivalent for the prize.

I doubt they’ll have a many people entering this contest…or at least a satisfied winner.


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